What is Phillips Carbon Black share Price: Analyses the Leading 10 Indian Companies and Their share Price

Phillips Black Carbon Price: Overview

Phillips Corporation came to dominance in the carbon black market by developing a unique black carbon stock. Philips has revolutionized the carbon black production process by utilizing cutting-edge technology and eco-friendly production techniques, producing better carbon black quality and performance.

The carbon black market is highly populated by the well-known multinational company Phillips. As a result of its significant market share, investor sentiment and market trends are affected. For those involved in the Indian share market, it is important to comprehend the characteristics of Phillips black carbon share.

Let us know what is CARBON BLACK

Carbon Black is like the unsung hero in our daily lives, quietly enhancing the products we rely on. It is a powerful, fine black powder made of carbon, which comes from the process of burning low-value oil residues at extremely high temperatures. It sounds intense, doesn’t it? However, its impact is far more remarkable.

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Carbon black is what makes our tires tough and durable, giving us the confidence to be on the road safely. It is not just about the tires though; This stuff adds depth and richness to colors, protects against UV rays, and in some cases even conducts electricity. It equates to the ideal multipurpose tool for coatings, rubber, plastics, and inks.

However, the point is: its magic lies elsewhere. It is important to ensure that it is spread evenly and completely integrated into the material being used. Its essential properties particle size, structure and surface chemistry apply in this situation. The distribution of these characteristics can make significant changes in the functioning of carbon black.

uses of carbon black

So, when you are using products like hoses, conveyor belts, or even printing inks, remember that behind their strength and durability is the humble but mighty carbon black, quietly making our lives easier and safer. Is doing his work.

carbon black producers countries

carbon black

1. China

China is one of the largest producers of carbon black globally. It has a significant number of carbon black manufacturing facilities due to its large rubber and tire industries, as well as its expanding plastics and automotive sectors.

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2. United States

The United States is another major producer of carbon black. It has a well-established carbon black industry, with several manufacturers supplying various sectors including tire manufacturing, plastics, paints, coatings, and printing inks.


India has a growing carbon black industry, driven by its expanding rubber and tire manufacturing sectors, as well as increasing demand from other industries such as plastics, paints, and coatings.

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4. Russia

Russia is a notable producer of carbon black, with several manufacturing plants located across the country. The Russian carbon black industry serves both domestic demand and exports to other regions

5. South Korea

South Korea has a significant presence in the global carbon black market, with several manufacturers producing carbon black for various industrial applications, including tires, plastics, and coatings

6. Germany

Germany is one of the leading producers of carbon black in Europe. The country's carbon black industry serves a wide range of sectors, including automotive, construction, and electronics

Products affected by the price of carbon black.

top 10 carbon black manufacturers in India

Carbon black is one of the more important components in numerous industrial processes since it improves the quality and performance of many different products. India’s black carbon market has grown fast over the years, with an increasing number of businesses acquiring significant shares in the industry. Let us study the successes, patents, and share of the market of India’s top ten carbon black businesses in further detail

Phillips Carbon Black Limited (PCBL)

Phillips Carbon Black Limited, established in 1960, stands as one of the pioneers in the Indian carbon black industry. With innovative production facilities and a dedication to innovation, PCBL has established itself as one of India’s top producers of carbon black. The company offers an extensive range of high carbon black products and offers a range of sectors, like rubber, plastics, automotive, and more.


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Birla Carbon

As a flagship company of the Aditya Birla Group, Birla Carbon is renowned for its global presence and innovative solutions. In India, Birla Carbon operates multiple manufacturing units, employing cutting-edge technologies to deliver superior-grade carbon black products. The company’s emphasis on sustainability and continuous research ensures its relevance and competitiveness in the market

Himadri Specialty Chemical Ltd

Himadri Specialty Chemical Ltd. has emerged as a prominent player in the carbon black sector, specializing in customized solutions to meet the unique requirements of its clients. With a focus on quality and customer satisfaction, Himadri offers a diverse portfolio of carbon black grades, catering to industries such as tires, plastics, inks, and coatings.It is the No.1 coal pitch manufacturer in India and is the only company to manufacture advanced carbon material in India. It is also the largest player of Naphthalene and SNF in India

Himadri Specialty Chemical Ltd Share Price Analysis

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Continental Carbon India Limited (CCIL)

Continental Carbon India Limited, a subsidiary of Continental Carbon Company, USA, has established itself as a reliable supplier of carbon black in the Indian market. The company’s advanced production facilities and adherence to international quality standards ensure the delivery of premium-grade carbon black products to various industries.

Goodluck Carbon Pvt. Ltd

Goodluck Carbon Pvt. Ltd. is recognized for its commitment to excellence and innovation in the carbon black industry. With a focus on technological advancements and process optimization, Goodluck Carbon produces a diverse range of carbon black grades tailored to meet the evolving needs of its customers across different sectors.Goodluck India Ltd is an engineering conglomerate engaged in the business of manufacturing and selling engineering products such as sheets, pipes, engineering structures, fabricated structures, forgings, and automobile tubes

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Longxing Chemical Stock Co. Ltd

Longxing Chemical Stock Co. Ltd., a Chinese company with a significant presence in India, has made notable strides in the carbon black market. Leveraging its expertise and experience, Longxing Chemical delivers high-quality carbon black products that adhere to stringent quality standards, ensuring reliability and performance for its customers.

Sid Richardson Carbon & Energy Co

Sid Richardson Carbon & Energy Co., an established player in the global carbon black industry, has made considerable inroads in the Indian market. With a focus on innovation and sustainability, the company offers an extensive range of carbon black grades, catering to diverse applications such as tires, plastics, and industrial rubber product

JINNENG Science & Technology Co. Ltd

JINNENG Science & Technology Co. Ltd., a leading Chinese manufacturer of carbon black, has expanded its presence in the Indian market, catering to the growing demand for high-quality carbon black products. The company’s dedication to innovation and quality assurance has earned it a reputation for reliability and excellence among its customers.

Liaoning Baolai Chemical Industrial Co. Ltd

Liaoning Baolai Chemical Industrial Co. Ltd., another notable player in the Indian carbon black industry, emphasizes product quality and customer-centric solutions. With a focus on sustainable development and technological innovation, Baolai Chemical delivers premium-grade carbon black products that meet the stringent requirements of various industries

(FAQ) for Carbon Black Prices

1. What factors influence carbon black prices?

  • Cost of raw materials, primarily crude oil or natural gas.
  • Supply and demand dynamics in the global market.
  • Energy costs, as carbon black production is energy-intensive.
  • Currency exchange rates, especially for globally traded commodities.
  • Environmental regulations impacting production costs.

2. How are carbon black prices determined?

Carbon black prices are typically determined by market forces, with suppliers setting prices based on production costs, demand trends, and competitive dynamics. Prices can vary regionally and may fluctuate in response to changes in raw material costs or market conditions

3. How do fluctuations in carbon black prices impact end-users?

Fluctuations in carbon black prices can impact end-users in various industries, including automotive, rubber, plastics, and coatings. Price increases may lead to higher production costs and affect product pricing for consumers, while price decreases could improve profit margins for manufacturers. Managing price volatility is essential for maintaining competitiveness and profitability in these sectors

4.What are the applications of carbon black?

Carbon black has various industrial applications, including:

  • Reinforcing filler in rubber products like tires, belts, and hoses.
  • Pigment in inks, paints, and plastics.
  • Conductive agent in batteries, electronics, and coatings.
  • UV stabilizer in plastics and coatings.
  • Catalyst support in chemical processes.

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