Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) or Employment Process Outsourcing (EPO) services of iCTS enable client organizations to outsource some of their non-core activities in human capital process to us. iCTS is one among the few organizations offering RPO services in India for domestic clients. Our extensive experience in RPO comes handy when we quickly scale up to your service needs.

Have a lean and thin organization; we can undertake some of your non-core activities in human capital Supply Chain, to enable you to concentrate on your main deliverables. For example, we can take responsibility of individual activity such as response handling, resume screening, career website management, employee induction etc. Also we can be your HR, Payroll and Employee service providers. We can set up and administer your HR, Payroll as required by your parent organization.

We can take responsibility for all administrative and regulatory compliances, such as: tax deductions at source (TDS) on employee compensation, liaison and filings with government and statutory authorities, PF, ESI and maintenance of statutory records and registers for regulatory compliances.

Recruitment Framework

iCTS delivers quality recruitment services to its clients using a 6s framework for Human Capital Supply Chain. The 6s of Human Capital Supply Chain framework gives your company a competitive advantage by ensuring that you get world class services for 6 key areas of Human Capital Supply Chain:

  • Strategise
  • Source
  • Screen
  • Select
  • Start
  • Service