Candidate Services

Options deals in professional, technical and administrative appointments at junior, middle and senior management levels.

  • Providing personalized attention
  • Catering to candidates’ needs
  • Understand your skills and requirements


We listen, understand and assess your technical & professional strengths, accomplishments and personal goals. With this information we mine the possible areas of improvement and convey them to you. With the knowledge we have about you and the vast experience at our disposal, we work hard to find a good fit with opportunities in the industry, either presently available or likely to arise in the near future, in our client companies or otherwise. Your professional growth and success at the workplace is our primary aim.

The Right Break:

Success is not in slow sequential growth but in grabbing the right opportunities at the right time and putting in the right effort. But mining and recognizing these opportunities is an arduous task. We are here to help you be it in the value adding challenge you take up besides work or finding that missing link to move higher in your profession.

Coming Back Home:

For those of you who have been pursuing career goals away from home and now wish to return, our network of highly professional consultants, with their distinguished clientele and competence is at your service. We will try to place you in the location of your choice in a job you are wholly satisfied. We will provide you with all the necessary inputs to needed to make the right decision.

We provide quality search services specializing in:

  • Returning Indians
  • Expat Hiring
  • India based Leadership Talent
  • Cross border Opportunities